How to make shirts on Roblox

Roblox is the only platform where you can dress your avatar according to your convenient. So, players customize their avatars with the right clothes in the game so that they get attention.

This is platform where millionaires are made since it splits the revenue in two ways when you design a game. As a developer you get half the income and the other half is taken by the developers of Roblox since they are allowing you to play the channel in their platform.

This article will talk about how to make shirts in Roblox. The most comfortable shirt that can be made in this game is known as the T-shirt decals. In layman’s terms this the image that gets applied in front of your avatar.

To create this kind of shirt, all you need to do is form a picture of 128 x 128 pixels and then upload in the game


With the creation of shirts, there is also an option where you can create pants for your avatars. As you start designing clothes for your avatar, you will see that you are gaining more and more control in the game.

In order create a complete set for your player. First you need save multiple templates in your computer. Once download, open the model and use your kind of image editor that you have in your system.

Note that for each template, you will notice some parts that are folded up around the legs, arms and body which needs to adjust to create perfect fitting for your avatar.


Please note that if you are planning to make clothes for your avatars, you will also have the option to sell those clothes and earn virtual currency. Now it also has to be noted that you need to sign up as a premium member to get things started at an alarming rate. 

This means that if you aren’t premium member, you won’t have an option of uploading your clothing in the game. Which means people won’t view your dress and you can’t earn money through it. 

Another way of clothing is knowing how to create a page.  This means whenever you see an option of creating page in the game. Be sure to do it.  If you not logged in the game. 

Then you need to sign in the game with the help of your credentials like your  registered email id. Once opened, you will see an option known as shirts.  When you click on the variant known as shirts, you will see a tab which will let you open and create shirts.

Final thoughts

Shirts are a way of how people see you. Meaning when they your player with good fashion sense goes out in the Roblox world, the people in Roblox will automatically try and be your friend. 

They will call you to parties and go around with you in the game. This means you get more and more social attention which pays the way earning more virtual currencies in the game.

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