Diets for teenage girls & Best diet plan for women

For effective weight loss, help already developed schemes of diet. They are usually recommended by the famous dieticians – professionals from different countries, tested in practice and have a lot of fans...

We all look for the best, we want to improve ourselves and be in good form. But one of the first diseases with every person has to fight - is overweight...

Best diet plan for women

  • For effective weight loss, help already developed schemes of diet. They are usually recommended by the famous dieticians – professionals from different countries, tested in practice and have a lot of fans. For example, diet for women by famous Czech nutritionist Dr. Horvath, Barrandov diet, Swedish, Thai, Japanese gain the first position ranking.
  • There are diets that take into account the taste preferences and physiological characteristics of the female half, known as pitale diet, in which the flower helps to drop those extra kilos.
  • Nothing is more inspiring to the “exploits” as an example of someone else’s. Once we see on the TV screen thinner and rejuvenated star, as we immediately want to know the secret of her wonderful transformation. An example of this are diets of Sofia Loren, Sara Jessica Parker, Tatiana Tarasova, Christina Aguilera and others.
  • Easy diet plans

  • Perhaps the simplest is a well-known Thai diet, and, because of it’s lightness, it is popular all over the world. We will talk about how the Thai eat, and what to eat, in order not to gain weight. Lose weight with them!
  • TheThe basis of it is…rice! In Thailand, they cook almost all meals with rice. And exactly this product helps Thai to stay slim and healthy. Scheme of Thai diet is as follows. Every morning for 2-3 hours before the meal must be eaten 1 tablespoon of milled rice and drink a glass of water. Then you can eat the whole day, as usual. Naturally, this does not mean the one can eat bread rolls and candies. Allowed are soups, meat, fruits, vegetables and other foods that are the foundation of a balanced diet. The last meal is at 18 o’clock.
  • In the morning on an empty stomach, one must eat the next spoon of rice and drink of water again. This method will help eliminate toxins from the body and accelerate metabolism. As a result, you will lose weight.
  • The duration of the Thai diet is 5-10 days. After this is a break of about 1-2 months. Another simple diet is Grapefruit diet. Grapefruit is not only tasty, but also promotes weight loss. With this diet, you can lose 3-5 kg a week. Thus, grapefruit contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals.
  • Also, during this diet, you can eat some lean meat, vegetables (not recommended are potatoes and corn), low-fat cottage cheese, raisins, nuts, oatmeal, drinking tea or coffee. However, the basis of this diet is grapefruit.
  • Healthy eating plan for women

  • All the healthy eating patterns have much in common, they are based on the restriction of hazardous products, with the exception of overeating, and increasing the amount, you drink up to 2 liters per day. You also need to eat fractional, i.e. the entire daily ration divide into 5 receptions, and the last at- 18:00. Of course, a lot to move.
  • An example of compliance of one of the best diets is the diet scheme of the greatest actress Sophia Loren. Despite her 65 years, she stays a standard of beauty and elegance. The secret of her beauty and unfading youth is that the actress leads a healthy and active lifestyle. Every day she is doing morning exercises, walks a lot, observes regime of the day, takes water treatments, and, of course, loves her diet.
  • Every woman is able to sustain a diet of Sophia Loren, as it is easy and takes just three days. The average calorie content of the diet these days is about 1000 kcal. At the same time, you can repeat the course in about a month.
  • The actress also advises conduct discharge and cleaning of the body before it gets to this diet.
  • Menu of Sophia Loren’s diet

  • First day: breakfast includes a glass of fresh orange juice and boiled egg. During dinner, you need to eat a few slices of low-fat hard cheese and mixed vegetables with turkey meat laid on lettuce leaves. For dinner, pasta with shrimp and spinach salad with low-calorie dressing is served. For dessert it is allowed to eat the apple.
  • Second day: for breakfast - morning cereal with skim milk. During dinner – fresh fruit salad, and 100 grams of cottage cheese. Dinner – salad leaves dressed with vegetable oil, spaghetti and two steamed meatballs of turkey. For dessert – one pear.
  • Menu of the third and final day consists of half beygale with a slice of low-fat cheese for breakfast; boiled chicken with green salad for lunch; salad of herbs and portion of lasagna with cheese for dinner. Dessert – two average peaches.
  • If the basic principles of the diet do not give the desired success, then you need a customized power scheme. Especially for you, it will create a dietician. The main thing is not to give up and continue searching for the best ways to lose weight.

  • The most outspread problem and how to overcome it

  • We all look for the best, we want to improve ourselves and be in good form. But one of the first diseases with every person has to fight - is overweight. Some people are born with a genetic predisposition to have extra kilos, and, despite all efforts to keep diets and do physical exercises, fattiness returns. But most people just do not want to make efforts and strive for his or her slim figure.
  • Especially the problem of fattiness is outspread among young girls who always try to keep fit. It could be explained by the fact that a lot of them simply don’t know how to take care about health and do wrong things, for example, take frugal diets or do not eat at all in order to lose weight.
  • How young people should cope with it

  • Actually, there are a lot of diets for teenage girls which can give beneficial effect. First of all If you decided to keep fit, do not forget to have balanced meal. Eliminate from your diet fatty, sweet and flour, and you should not gorge at once. We know that feeling of fullness comes after about 20 minutes. Therefore, if you sat down to eat, relax and enjoy the meal.
  • And during the diet it is necessary to drink plenty of fluids, about 2 - 3 liter in a day, which will contribute to the improvement of cleansing your organism of harmful substances and toxins. Apart from this in order to lose weight, it is very preferable to eat a lot of vegetables during your diet, such as beets, radishes, cabbage and carrots. Exactly these products can accelerate the burning of fat and calories. It is not only useful, but also it is tasty to prepare salads with vegetable, but do not use them in large portions. It is better to eat five times in a day, but in small portions. Also avoid snacking before bedtime.
  • You can try to choose one day a week for fasting. But you need to take into account some important rules and consult with your doctor before you start to do this.
  • From what your should start in order to keep fit

  • One of the first and best way to lose weight is to stop being lazy and start to run in the morning or evening. It is better to begin to do this gradually. Your first runs should not be exhaustive. Start with 20 minutes, and every day increase the tempo and distance. Determine for yourself the appropriate pace and every day try to increase the distance. During the run do not forget to check your breath (breath doing nose, exhale through the mouth), and draw in the belly and keep the shoulders straightened. Thus, you will improve your endurance, and when you see how fast you lose the extra weight and make better your figure, such runs will not only give the desirable results, but also will increase your motivation. And the most important thing is when he come back home after run, you shouldn’t sit down to breakfast at one. At least one hour should pass before the body starts to burn fat.
  • For better results it is recommended, start doing fitness or aerobics. It serves not only as an additional power load, but also improves your physical and emotional state. In addition, it speeds up the fat burning process and strengthen the muscle mass of your body. It is recommended to visit such trainings two or three times a week.

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